Dear Parent:

Thank you for your interest in our photographic services for the Class of 2015's Commissioning Week.

The site is now available to you as you have created an account and paid for the Photo Book + Credit Contract. There is no password required to access the photographs. All you need to do is to login and the galleries will be available under "2015" in the header.

You have contracted us to photograph your midshipman during Commissioning Week at the Color Parade and the Graduation ceremony. We hope to be able to create about ten photographs of him/her for you. You will have $189.95 in the form of a Gift Certificate for the purchase of downloads, prints, collages or Photo Books. The Gift Certificate is good through August 31, 2015.

In addition to the above two events, we will be photographing other events, including; the Blue Angels, Meal Formations, USMC 8th and I, and Pipes and Drums. All of these events celebrate your son/daughter's Commissioning Week and could be included in your own scrapbook of the week -- or a Photo Book made on our website.

If you wish another event to be photographed, please contact us at: or 443-699-3000.

Photographs that we that we have taken during the last four years are also available to you on our site.

The photographs from the last four years are available to you now on our website, while the Commissioning Week photographs will be available to you several days after Commissioning Week through June 30. If you find you need more time (past Aug 31, 2015) to review the photographs, you can pay $20.00 for a 30 day extension. The $20.00 in this case would not be credit.

We also have several PROMOS that may interest you.

SEND A FRIEND: Refer a friend and we will issue you a $10.00 Gift Certificate. You will need to have already created an account, and the friend or you needs to contact us within 24 hours via email that indicating that he/she was a referral from you. New clients can only be referred by one parent. This promo is good through May 15, 2015

SIGN 5: Before signing a contract, talk with five other parents who are all going to sign a contract. When you have the five let me know via email, and I will send you a Coupon Code to sign up. Each parent would receive a $10.00 discount. Good Jan 10 thru April 30. 

DONATE-A-TICKET: Provide us a ticket(s) to the Graduation Ceremony and we will give you a Gift Certificate for $75.00. Only valid for first 4 parents who indicate they will donate a ticket and actually provide the ticket. Please email me at or call me at 443-699-3000.


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios