An account is required to access and save photographs on It is not required to provide a password to view photographs. You do need to be logged in for the website to recognize who you are and give you access.

If you want to change your password, simply click on the Forgot Password? on the left hand side of the log in page.

See close up below.

If you forget your password (and we hope you don't) you will need to reset it. Keep in mind that we do not have access to this password and can not reset it. You have to do it. If you have typed in your password incorrectly, the following  popup will appear.


On your third attempt, you will be denied access, and will need to wait 24 hours. You will then have access again. You will see this popup on third attempt.

You will be asked to type in the email for your account. See below.

Once you click Reset Password, this popup will appear.


An email will be sent to you. Ciopy and paste the new password, and you should be able to get in to view the photographs.



It is highly recommended, before you lose the weird new password you sent, to change your password to one you will remember easily. To do so, click on My Account. This will open up your account. Click on My Profile. Copy and paste the new password that was sent to you. Now decide on your simple password. Type it in twice. You are now done.


Larry Thornton