How To Order Five 5MP Digital Downloads

First save at least 5 images to your favorites. The (7) indicates we have saved 7.


Click on Favorites: Downloads(7) to your favorites page. Here are the seven images.


Highlight ALL in the upper left hand corner. When you have done this, each photograph will be enclosed with a white box as below.


Next click on the Buy button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Click on the BUY button will take you to the next screen. This is where you pick the number of files you want to purchase at a discount. You are purchasing five, so click on Add To Cart


Clicking on Add To Cart will take us to the screen below. You will see five "Drag Photo Here" boxes on the right. You need to drag each photo you want to purchase to one of the boxes. Place your mouse over the first image, hold the mouse, and drag the photo to the first box.


If you were successful, you will see this screen. You have placed your first photo to buy.

Notice that the image on the left now has a GREEN check in  the upper left hand corner. This means that it has been chosen as one of your five images.


Now drag the other five images. Once done, you will see something like this. By the way, if you change your mind, just click the "X" to delete the photo as a choice.


In the lower right hand corner you will see two options, CANCEL or Add to Cart. Select Add to Cart. This means that you have added the five images to your cart but have not actually ordered them yet.


Once you click on Add To Cart, you will see your favorites again. However in the upper right hand corner of the screen, you will see the following popup indicating that you have added the Five 5Mp Download Files to your cart.



If you wish help actually ordering the files, select the Checkout under the How To . . . tab.

If you wish to download your purchased files, go to Downloading Your files under How To . . . tab.


Call me if you need help.

Larry Thornton