Q&A about Midshipmen Portraits

Dear Parent/Midshipman:

Below is a list of commonly asked questions, with answers. Please contact me if you need clarification. 443-699-3000

Q: Can my midshipman be photographed in more than one uniform?

A: We spend a half an hour with each midshipman with one uniform. If you wish us to photograph your midshipman in a second uniform, you will need to sign up for a second sitting at another time.

Q: Will you be including the American flag in the background?

A: Yes.

Q: Will you take photographs of my midshipman and his/her roommate?

Q: Yes, both midshipmen would need to sign up for an appointment, either at the same time or as different times.

Q: How do I schedule my Midshipman's portrait?

A: When you purchase the portrait, you will be given an option for the next available portrait days as well as available times. The portraits are normally scheduled on Saturdays with no home football game and Sundays and last a maximum of 30 minutes.

Q: What are the dates available?

A: SUNDAYS: Sept 10, 17, 24 Oct 8, 15, 22, 29; Nov 5, 12, 19; SATURDAYS: Sept 16, 30; Oct 14, 28; Nov 4, 18.


Q:How do I view the proofs?

A: They will be posted in a gallery 3-4 days after the sitting. We will send you a direct link with very simple directions on how to download them. They can be downloaded all at once in a ZIP FILE or one at a time. If you do not know how to use a ZIP FILE, we suggest one at a time. No password is required.

Q: Will there be a watermark on the photograph?

A: There may be a watermark on the gallery photographs. When you download the images, there will be no watermark.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Refunds are not available if you cancel the sitting and do not want the portrait to be taken. We have reserved the date and time for you. Our appointment times are very limited.

Q: What is your policy about rescheduling?

A: We ask that you be sure your midshipman can make the appointment BEFORE scheduling. You can change the day/time if we are notified via email a week prior to the sitting. Otherwise, there is a $39.95 fee for rescheduling.

Q:What uniform can my son/daughter wear?
A: FIRST CHOICE: Full Dress Blues

This is the parade uniform. If you want the portrait in this uniform, please bring watch belt and gloves if you are a Plebe or Third/Second Class. You will need to wear the pants that go with the FDBs. If you are a First Class midshipman, please bring sword and sword belt.

SECOND CHOICE: Service Dress Blues



Full Dress Blues (parade uniform) Service Dress Blues


Q: How many poses will you take?

A: About 5, using the following locations: Rotunda and Memorial Hall. 

Q: Will the files be edited?

A: The editing is very basic. If you want a quality print, you would will need us to edit the file and print it.  Editing is crucial.


Q: Can I select what poses to be taken?

A: You can indicate the poses you want. We can not however guarantee that we would be able to take the photograph. It depends on weather and availability of locations. But do let me know what you like.

Q: How many files will I be able to download?

A: All of them. We will provide about 5 files (maybe more) that are yours to download.

Q: What happens if my son/daughter misses/forgets/doesn't show up?

A: Refunds are not available for missed appointments. If an Academy obligation appears at the last minutes, that obligation would come first and we would reschedule for a later day/time.

Q: What happens if Memorial Hall is unavailable?

A: This does happen and we have no way of knowing in advance. We would then to need to reschedule the portrait day/time. We ask that you provide your midshipman's phone number to us just in case this happens. We would call him/her for notification purposes.

Q: What happened is my son/daughter is late -- or early.

A: Come anyway. We photograph Plebes as they show up, sometimes they are late sometimes early, sometimes on time.


Please call me if you have a question.

Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios