Q: Can I upgrade my membership later?

A: Your current membership level is BASIC. This membership includes:

  1.  Access to over 20,000 photographs from Plebe Summer 2014.
  2. All search tools: company, platoon, date photo was taken, event and unique photo number
  3. Option to upgrade your membership at any time, as detailed below.


Upgrade cost is $79.95

The upgrade will require a ACCESS ID and PASSWORD, which will be automatically emailed to you when you complete the upgrade.

Added features include all BASIC features listed above, PLUS credit of $79.95 (the membership fee) toward the purchase of

  • All photo products from Plebe Summer
  • Fall Plebe portrait custom edited prints
  • Photographing of events during academic year
  • Photographs of Sea Trials and the Herndon Monument Climb in May 2015

Credit expires June 15, 2015

FREE to DELUXE with portrait

Upgrade cost is $119.95

Added features include all DELUXE features listed above PLUS Plebe Portrait in the fall of 2014 or spring of 2015. Unused credit from membership fee of $79.95 can be used toward purchase of custom edited print from Thornton Studios in addition to the four credit use options bulleted in the previous section

Upgrade link:


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