What Happens on I-Day



FYI. There are really two I-Days. The first is one day prior to your Induction Day. During ID-1, as it is called, the NAPSTERS (Naval Academy Preparatory Shool candidates) arrive and are processed. There are about 200 of them. It is a practice run for those who will carry out I-Day instruction the next day. On your I-Day, these NAPSTERS will be in rooms in Bancroft Hall helping you store clothing and answering any questions you may have.


Report Times

Report Times: Report Times typically start at 0600 HRS and end about 0930. For several reasons, you do not really need to arrive early.

FIRST, as the morning progresses, the processing in Alumni Hall gets behind schedule. Even if your time is 0830 HRS, you may not enter Alumni Hall until 0900 HRS.

SECONDLY, if you arrive exactly on time, you can go to the head of the line. The report times are called and you can enter Alumni Hall once your Report Time is announced. Below a Plebe about to enter Alumni Hall.


In Alumni Hall

Processing typically take about 2 hours. You will go through many "stations." The stations are, in rough order:

Station Check In: This is right as you enter Alumni Hall. The first thing that you will be told is, "From now on the first and last words out of your mouth are 'Sir/Ma'am, yes, Sir/Ma'am.".

The unkowing Plebe will answer, "Yes, Sir/Ma'am." Not a good answer. You will told again,"From now on the first and last words out of your mouth are 'Sir/Ma'am, yes, Sir/Ma'am.".  You will continue to be told this until you get it right/ The correct answer is: "Sir/Ma'am. yes. Sir/Ma'am."

This response is called a "Sir Sandwich." There are other "Sir Sandwiches," which you may be required to give if you make too many mistakes.

DOUBLE "Sir Sandwich": "Sir/Ma'am, Sir/Ma'am, yes, Sir/Ma'am, Sir/Ma'am. "

TRIPLE "Sir Sandwich": "Sir/Ma'am, Sir/Ma'am, Sir/Ma'am, yes, Sir/Ma'am, Sir/Ma'am Sir/Ma'am."

Incidentally there are Five Basic Responses you need to learn:

1) "Yes, Sir/Ma'am"

2) "No Sir/Ma'am"

3) "No Excuse Sir/Ma'am"

4)  "Aye, Aye, Sir/Ma'am"

5)  "I'll find out. Sir/Ma'am."

Why it is not good to say: "Sir/Ma'am, I don't know, Sir/Ma'am" instead of "I'll find out, Sir/Ma'am"

Station: Pick Up Reef Points. Reef Points is the Plebe Bible. Every day the Plebes need to memorize information in the book. They are quizzed on it during the day, especially during meal formation. Near the end of the summer, there will be a Rate Competition. One PLebe from each company will "face off" against one plebe from another company. They are asked their "Rates" until only one plebe is left. The last Rate is usually, "How's the Cow?"




The answer is:

Station: Alumni Association. You sign up for the Alumni Association membership.

Station: Sponsor Program. The Sponsor Program is explained to you. A Sponsor is a loca resident who gives you a place away from the Academy to relex on weekends.

Station: Contraband. You are given the opportunity behind a curtain to dispose of any items that are contraband. No questions asked.

Station: Drop Off Gear. You drop off your duffle bag with your civilian stuff. It will be taken to Read Beach where later in the day you will pick it up.

Station: Medical, eye check, shots. Medical tests are given. You will be given prior to this station oranje juice and donuts to be sure you make it through the tests without incident.

Station: Chaplain Greet Chaplains introduce themselves and explain what they are there for.

Station: Haircut. Self explanatory. For some it is traumatic as it symbolized the leaving of a civilian life, and it is for real. You are given your haircut.

Station: Uniform Measurement. You are measured for your uniform. Later in the summer you will try it on for final measurements. The uniforms consists of: Full Dress Blues (used for parades),SDB (Service Dree Blues, used for normal wear) and your Plebe Summer gear, including PE gear, tennis shoes etc.

Station: Pick up Sea Bag You will be issued two sea bags, and will be instructed to use a fat sharpie and write on eah your name, alpha number, and company.

Station: Sizing and pick up of caps, shoes, socks. This takes place in a long corridor where you pick up and place in your newly acquired sea bag the listed items.

Station: Pick up pants, shirts. Another long corridor where you pick up listed itmes.

Station: How to tie Sea Bag. Instructions are given on how to tie your sea bag, now that is full and weighs over 50 pounds.

Station: Midshipman Store Policy. A representative from the Mid Store will explain that you have purchased all the items in your sea bag, and that when you return to your room to write you rname on every item -- but not before you are sure they all fit. You will have a fews days to return items to Mid Store for exchange. The sea bag will be taken form you and redelivered to you on Red Beach. Red Beach surrounds Bancroft Hall and gets its name form the fact that the bricks are red. Parents can watch this activity as some of Red Beach is above the Mid Store and viewable. Th Detailers for the summer will yell at the Plebes and order them to do things.

Station: Check out from Alumni Hall. You will approach a table where you will give your name and alpha number. Here the Detailers check how many plebes have completed Alumni Hall processing. They check the number with the number that entered Alumni Hall about 2 hours earlier. Usually the processing will last until about 2:30. It takes about 2 hours but can take longer if there are hangups.


Station: Learn First Commands: Salute, Plebe Covering, Putting cap on,  The Detailers here have the first opportunity of instruction. In a loud voice they explain how to salute and other basic orders. These are orders that will be carried out during the Oath of Office ceremony in the evening.

After these stations, Plebes leave Alumni Hall by the back door (a good place for parents to wait for their plebe), and are taken by bus to The Midshipmen Store area. They are transported by bus to the entrance of the Mid Store. There parents wait looking for their candidate to arrive. The Plebes leave the bus, they are called orders to "hurry up". It is a bit of show put on by the detailers (below in orange t shirts) to impress parents.




Plebes are escorted to their rooms, where they remain until about 5:00. There they locker their gear, make sure everything fits -- and ask questions of the Napsters. The Napsters are candidates from the Naval Academy Preparatory School. Most of the time is spent just waiting in your room. 45 minutes before the Oath of Office ceremony the Plebes will line up in company order in the halls of Bancroft Hall near where they will enter Tecumseh Court.



Plebes line up in the halls of Bancroft Hall. When the ceremony begins, they march in from either side of T Court, Companies A thru G from the left and G thru P from the right. They take their seats for the ceremony. We usually have four photographers taking the photograph below of your son/daughter marching to his/her seat.




Ceremony does not last long, but includes the following: Detailers (the midshipmen who will training the plebes during the summer) march in and surround the Plebes, National Anthem, Chaplains Prayer, Superintendent's Speech (usually about 7-8 minutes) International Students Oath of Office, Oath of Office, Singing of "Navy Blue and Gold". 

Below is view from Rotunda of Plebes taking Oath, with hands raised.


Plebes are dismissed for 30 minutes. They meet parents along Stribling Walk. There will be plaques with each letter of the alphabet. Plebes meet parents according to the first letter of their last name.


After meeting parents, Plebes line up in Company along Stribling Walk. They march into Bancroft Hall. When the last company has entered Bancroft, the doors are shut with a aloud "slam" -- and then you see many crying parents. During the day the Detailers are quite "nice" and "friendly" with the Plebes. Once the doors shut, the yelling begins, as does Plebe Summer. Below one company (indicated by yellow guide on flag) starts to enter Bancroft Hall. If you look carefully there is a break in the company, where the second platoon of the company marches. This is the last time the Plebes enter Bancroft Hall before they graduate, as from now on they must enter by side doors.




The next morning the Plebes wake up to loud noises in the hall and are off to their first day of PEP, Physical Education Program.

Plebe Summer has begun.