SEA TRIALS and HERNDON Class of 2018 Q&A

Herndon LIVE

Q: How do I access the HERDNON LIVE broadcast?

A: Specific information on accessing the LIVE BROADCAST (website, passwords, etc.) will be emailed to you he evening of May 17, the night before Herndon.  I will not be available May 18 to help so please be sure to check your email Sunday evening early.

Q: Can I view the BROADCAST on a IOS or ANDROID device?

A: You can on an IOS device. By May 18, you may be able to view on an Android.

Q: Will I be able to save the BROADCAST?

A: No

Q: When will the BROADCAST start, and end?

A: At 1:15, as sometimes the plebes start early. It will end when the Plebes start to leave the area.

Q: How long will the climb last?

A: Usually, two hours.


Download Herndon Climb

Q: How long will the climb be?

A: Do not know but we will upload the climb in 15 minute sections.

Q: Can we view the Climb on your site?

A: Yes you can.

Q How long will the Climb be available to download?

A: About 30 days.

Q: On what site will the Climb be posted?

A: On http:///


Herndon Live Tweets

Q: Will the LIVE tweets include photographs that I can download and put on social media.

A: Yes.

Q: How many tweets will there be?

A: About 1 every 5 minutes.

Q: Will there be available other photographs of the climb?

A: Yes, go to:

Select the HERNDON/SEA TRIALS 2015 tab and click on dropdown.


Pre climb Tweets

Q: How do I access the pre climb Tweets?

A: The easiest way is to have, or open, a TWITTER account. If you have an account, type in the search box #15HMC18. This hashtag stands for 2015 Herndon Monument Climb Class of 2018. If you do not have an account,  just go directly to Twitter's search page. If you type a name or a word about what you're looking for in the search field, you will begin seeing tweets right away. When you go to Twitter's search page, you can type a name or a few keywords into the search field to see posts and user accounts related to those words.

Herndon and Sea Trial Photo access

Q: How do I access the Sea Trials and Herndon Photos?

A: Go to: Select the HERNDON/SEA TRIALS 2015 tab and appropriate dropdown.

Q: How long will the photographs be posted?

A: Until June 30. We then begin Plebe Summer 2015.

Q: When will the photographs be posted?

A: As soon as possible, usually a few days.

Q: Do I need a password to access the photographs?

A: No.

Q: Do I need to Create An Account?

A: Yes, you do. Scroll to bottom of home page and select LOGIN. You can create an account there. 

Please call me if you have any questions.

Larry Thornton / Thornton Studios