If you need help signing up, you have come to the right place. In addition to signing up for membership, the steps below will also show you how the ordering process works.

The first thing you need to do is decide on your membership level. We have selected CREDIT MEMBERSHIP. The slide for this membership is below.


You need to click on the BUY button in the upper right hand corner.


This will take you to the following screen, with a list of the three types of membership as well as the option to purchase a Family Photograph during Parents' Weekend or a Plebe Portrait in the Fall. For now we will sign up for Credit Membership.


Click on CREDIT MEMBERSHIP to see it highlight in a lighter dark box.


Read the description of the membership which is found on the right to be sure you have the membership you want.


If you do, click on the Add To Cart button.


You will now be taken back to the Membership Level screen. You are in the right place.


In the upper right hand corner you will see that Credit Membership has been added to your cart.


Click on View Cart. Your cart will magically appear with your Credit Membership.


Check to be sure it is correct and then click on Checkout Now, either button, to view the following.



Be sure the information is correct. Then click on Continue Checkout.


You will notice in the above screen shot that there are two white areas: Gift Certificate Code and Have a Coupon?

First let me explain the Gift Certificate box. It is used for our Referral Promo. For every parent you recommend that purchase membership you will receive $5.00. The person you referred will also receive $5.00. Your Gift Certificate code will be your membership order number, the last four numbers, with the hyphen. You will receive this membership order number after your purchase the membership. You will type in the code in the white space when you get to checkout when ordering.

EXAMPLE: 172-8


Next, the Coupon Code. This is used for the Company Promo. For each three parents who purchase membership in your Plebe's company your entire company will receive 1% Coupon Discount. It will be issued about Aug 30 and be good through Sept. 30, 2015.


Now click on Continue Checkout and you will see the screen below. Review and complete your purchase.


Click on Pay Now.


The following will appear. This screen does cause some confusion. There are two ways to pay: PayPal and by Credit Card. Scroll down.



If you want to pay with PAYPAL, click on Log in to you account to pay.



Credit Card

Click on the link below to pay by Visa/MasterCard etc.




The rest you can handle. You will receive a link for a receipt. It is important you print it out so you have your Membership Order Number.

You will also receive an email indicating that "You Order Has been Shipped." This "Order has been shipped" means that your order has been processed.



If you need help, do let me know.

Larry Thornton  443-699-3000


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