We can almost guarantee that we will take 50-60 "candid" photographs of your Plebe during the summer.

What sometimes makes it difficult to take the 50-60 photographs are the following:

1) Your Plebe is "wounded" during the summer, or in SQ (Sick Quarters) and misses some of the events we photographed.

2) Your Plebe separates from the Academy.

3) Your Plebe, when in a formation such as Noon Meal or Parades, is behind the tall Plebes all the time.

4) Your Plebe is in a company that is difficult to photograph during Meal Formations. These companies are: G, H, N, O and P. We can usually photograph them but not as much.

The guarantee is a guarantee that the photographs will be taken. It would be your responsibility to take the necessary and needed time to "Find WALDO." We are not able to refund if you decide during the summer that you do not have enough time to look through the galleries, run out of time, or lose interest. You can ask for extended time to continue looking. Please email me to request the extension. 

We do have the following policy in regard to refund of monies paid:

1) If your son/daughter separates within the first 21 days, you will be refunded in full the purchase amount of your access. You will need to email me requesting the refund by July 23.

2) Otherwise, refund fee is full amount less a $39.95 charge for access to the photographs during the summer even if you did not purchase any. Full refunds are not available. This amount ($39.95) will be deducted from the access fee you paid. If you purchased BEST 15, your refund would be $20.05. If you paid for ALL YOU CAN FIND, your refund would be $140.00.


Larry Thornton / Thornton Studios