The Search button is quite valuable. And we suggest you write down the photograph numbers, including spaces, so in case something unforeseen happens, you can always find your images with the Search link. Let us suppose we are looking for the photograph below.

The number of this photograph is July01 ID (17). The photograph id is exact. You need the spaces to find the photograph. Spaces are like letters and numbers so be sure to copy them down.


Scroll down to he bottom of the screen and you will see on the left hand side of the screen the Search button. Here is what it looks like.


If you type in July01 ID, it will look like this.


Click the orange Search button and you will get this. It is a lot of photographs to look at. You did not get the one picture you were looking for because your photo number was not co100% accurate and exacty.


But, type in July01 ID (17), the exact photograph number, and you get the exact photograph.


Click on the photograph and it shows up as a large photograph. You can now FAVORITE it.