There are several reasons:

  • Excellent Christmas gift
  • Convenient way to view and share photos of Plebe Summer
  • Economical
  • Creative (you create the book as you wish)
  • Preserve this important 6 weeks in your son/daughter's Naval career


How do you create a book? It's really quite easy.

STEP 1: Find photographs of your plebe. You will need at least 12 for the small 5.5 x 5.5 book and at least 20 for the larger 8x10 book.

STEP 2: Save photograph as a FAVORITE.

STEP 3: Create a Special SET for your Photo Book.

Hover of the Favorites: My Selection (1) above THORNTON STUDIOS.

A drop down will appear with the following options: Edit My Selection and Add New Set. Left click on Add New Set. The following popup will appear.


Type in a name for your set of favorites.

Left click on CREATE. In the upper left hand corner of home page will now appear the name of the new set of Favorites. The (0) means in this case that no photographs have yet been saved to the Photo Book set of favorites.


STEP 4: At end of summer, after you have found the photographs of your son/daughter, create the book. We will be glad to help, and you can add your own photos. Your photos need to be 200 DPI so if you are taking photographs this summer, be sure there are 200 DPI.

If you need help do let me know. 443-699-3000

Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios . . . since 1969