There are TWO passwords, one for your account, the second to access the photographs.

Account Password

This is the password you use when you create your account.


I have no access to it and can not reset it. If you put in the incorrect password three times, you will be blocked from access to your account for 24 hours. I am not able to reset the password. We suggest the following guidelines in making a password:

1) Make it simple. We suggest your plebe's middle name or his/her alpha number.

2) Make it one that you are willing to share with me. This will make it possible, in an emergency, for me to access your account on a temporary basis, to help you. It will not give me access to your computer, only to your account on the server I use. After sharing it with me for me to help you, you can always change it.

NOTE: We advise you to set up your computer so that the password is always remembered. That way you do not have to reenter it every time you log in.


Photograph Password

This password is the access to the photographs. I usually make it one you can easily remember. If you type it in incorrectly three times, you will be blocked entrance for 24 hours. The first time you enter a the galleries, you will see the following:


Simply type in the password emailed to you. We advise you to set up your computer so it always remembers this password. That was you will not have to enter it every time you access the photographs.

Let me know if you need help. 443-699-3000

Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios . . .since 1969