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Ordering a download file is easy -- and you can have it in a minute or two after you purchase it. Then post it on Social Media. The files are available in three sizes:

1MP file which will make a 3.5 x 5 print, and is used for social media

3MP file which is used to make a 5x7 print

5 MP file which is used to make an 8x10 print

Once you purchase the file you can make as many prints as you wish for personal use.

Find a photograph you want to download. Below is sample photo which we will use to explain how to do this.


Now click on BUY button in upper right hand corner of screen, not the photo. It looks like this.


You will be presented with three options, as shown below. Chose the middle one, Downloads.


You will next presented with your options. You have the option to purchase 1, 3 ,5 or 10 file downloads of a specific size. Again the sizes are: 1 MP, 3 MP, and 5 MP. You are not able to mix-and-match. Please be aware that the download files are discounted as you order more of any one size at one time. The prices listed below are NOT necessarily the prices for Plebe Summer


Left click on the Select button of the file size you wish to download. The following popup will appear.


Click Add to Cart and you will be linked to the screen below. Don't be confused. You are in the right place. It is just taking you back to add more items to the cart, if you wish. Since you do not in order to order this one download file, hover over the BUY button and click on CART.


You are now at the shopping cart ready to checkout. Be sure everything is correct.





Then click on Checkout Now. You will see the "Digital Download License Agreement." It essentially give you permission to use the file for personal use, not for commercial or not for resale.


Click the "I have read and accept the terms of the license agreement." Click Continue Checkout.


You will be taken to this screen.


Enter the "Enter your Information" form. Click Continue Checkout.


Select the Saved Credit Card if you wish to use the same credit card you used before. If not click New Credit Card. If you click on New Credit Card the following screen needs to be filled out.


Once filled out, click on Continue Checkout. This will take you to:


Click on Place Order. You are done. You will next see your confirmation receipt.


To download your file, go to My Account in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Select My Orders. Click on the order you just made and click on Download to My Computer.



Ordering multiple download files at one time saves you money and is quite easy to do. First you need to save all the photographs that you want to purchase to My Selection. Below is a sample of My Selection in which 15 photographs have been saved. In this example we are only going to order 10.


Clicking on My Selection will take you to the next screen. There are 12 photographs below.


Scroll down a little bit and you will see the other 3, for a total of 15.


Above the photographs is a Buy All  Remove All  Create a Book link. Click on Buy All.


Next screen will give you three options, as below.


Click on Downloads. You will see all your choice, from a 1MP file (used for Social Media and will make a 3x5 print) to a 3 MP (will make a 5x7 print) file to a 5MP file (will make an 8x10 print). You can purchase 1, 5 or 10 download files at one time and save money. We are going to purchase ten 5 MP download files. NOTE: The prices below may not be the actual prices for Plebe Summer 2015.


Click on "10 Download Files 5 MP" and this popup will appear.


Click on Continue to go to the next screen. This screen show you all the 15 photographs in My Selection. They are on the left. You are going to "drag" the photos you wish to order from the left panel to one of the boxes labeled, "Drag Photo Here."


Place your cursor on the first images. Hold the cursor down and move the photograph to the top row, far left box. Release the cursor and the following will be seen. The first photo, the one you 'dragged", is now in the top row first box. It is a "copy."


It is important to note that the photograph in the panel on the left now has a GREEN check in the lower left hand corner. This means that the photograph has been selected as one of the download files you wish to order.


You now need to drag the remaining 9 photographs you wish to order as downloads. When all 10 photographs have been "dragged" your screen will look like the one below.


  • That if you try to "drag" the same photo twice, it will not be duplicated on the right.
  • On the right you will see an explanation of the download file and the size print it will make.
  • If you wish to see the Personal Use license , click on "Show full license text." It is in orange.


All of the 10 photographs you "dragged" have GREEN check in the lower left hand corner of the photograph. See below.


Now click on Save to Cart. Go to your cart and you will see your order for the 10 download files.



You can save this order in your cart. At this point it has not been ordered. If you wish to order, click on click on Checkout Now. You will see


Left click on the "I have read and accept terms of the license agreement." It basically gives you permission to duplicate the file/print for personal use, not for commercial use or for resale.


Click on Continue Checkout and it will take you the following.


Fill in the information requested if it is not already auto filled. Click on Continue Checkout. The rest you should be able to do.



First you need to find a print that you wish to order. Below is the one we will use as a sample.


Click on the BUY button in the upper right hand corner.


The following screen will appear.


Click on Prints and the following will appear.


We are going to order an 8x10 so click on "8" x 10" Standard Print." The following popup will appear in place of the 8x10.


Change the quantity up if you want more than one print. Now click on Add to Cart in lower right hand corner. It will take you back to this screen. Hover over the Buy button. A dropdown will appear.


Click on View Cart to go to the next screen. This is your order. Check in to be sure it is right. You can wait and order later -- or you can order now.


NOTE: If you wish to edit/crop the print, click on the print thumbnail itself. This will take you to the cropping dialog. It looks like this.


You can play with the Center, Fit, etc to change the print to your wishes.

To place your order, click on Checkout Now and follow the directions.



If you need help, let me know.


Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios . . . since 1969