This site is very intuitive and uses the standard navigation tools and design. However, the following may be helpful at the beginning, or if you get stuck.

Below if the basic navigation tool. It can be found near the top of the page.

Photo Access    Open to Public    Social Media Member    Basic Member    Credit Member    Help Me    Archives   Clients    Yard

ACCESS: Provides information about our site, membership and price information -- and most importantly, how to Create an Account and purchase membership. This if the first place to go.

Public: This tab will provide access to photographs that are open to the public. They are posted daily throughout the summer. They are organized by day only, while all other access is organized by day and company.

Social Media: This access is for those parents who wish to have access to all the photographs and purchase only 1 MP files. The 1 MP file can be used to make a 3.5x5 print.

Basic: This is your basic membership, giving you access to all photographs organized by day and company. A personal FAVORITES page is included where you can save your photographs. 1MP, 3MP, and 5 MP files, as well as 3.5 x 5, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10 prints can be purchased. As well as a Plebe Summer or Plebe Year Photo Book.

Credit: Credit membership, in addition to the above features, includes $99.95 credit, as well as a proprietary  MOBILE AP with daily emails form us to access the photographs. The Mobile ap allows you to use the watermarked photographs on social media. As well as access to Sea Trials and Herndon photographs, May 2016.

Help: This tab is a link to any help that you need.

Client: This tab is used for us to help parents with Photo Books, Parent Weekend Family Photogaph, and the Plebe Portrait in the Fall.


You will find the above Navigation tool right under the first set of tabs. It is simple. It shows you where you are on our website. In the above screen shot, you have gone from the Home Page to All Photographs. You are viewing the photographs as a CREDIT MEMBER. You are looking at the photographs posted for July1 and you are looking at the photographs for Company 1. You can go back to any level you want by simply cliclking on Home, All Photographs, etc.


This is the BUY button/link. It will be found on the right near the top when viewing photographs.


The above shows you a photograph. On the far left, there is an orange bar with a left arrow in the middle. This bar indicates that there are photographs in this gallery to the left. The vertical orange bar on the right indicates there are photographs in this gallery to the right. If there is no bar on the left, you are the beginning of the gallery. If there is no bar on the right, you are at the end of the gallery. Click on either vertical bar to move right or left through the gallery.

If you wish to save a photograph, move your cursor to the upper right hand corner of the photograph you wish to save. The gray heart will appear. Left click on it, and it will turn to a red heart. The read heart means you have saved this photograph to My Favorites.


You will know it is saved if you see this panel in the upper left hand corner of the screen:



This popup indicate how long the photos will be available to you. The photographs will be available to you until August 30, September 30, or June 15, 2016. This will depend on your membership level.


If you are viewing your Favorites, you will see the above set of links for ordering.



The is your Back button.



You will find this panel in the upper right hand corner of your scrren, if you are logged in. It gives you access to your account, lets you log out easily and go to your cart. If you click on My Account, you will see:


These are important links where you can change account stuff.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Larry Thornton

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