GIFT CERTIFICATE (or credit issued with Credit Membership)

FIRST, you need to find your Gift Certificate code. Log in to your account. In the upper right hand corner of your

screen you will see the following if you are logged in.


Alternatively, look in the lower left hand corner. You will need to scroll down the page. If it says LOGOUT, you are logged in.


If it says Log In, you need to Log in.


Click on My Account to view the following:


Click on My Orders. The following will appear.


The first order will be your Membership Order. This is the order you want, not any other order. In the above you will see the order number in orange.

It is ZF-0540-54324-1


Your Gift Certificate code will be 324-1. The code include the hyphen. This Gift Certificate does expire so please be sure to use it prior to expiration.

SECOND, apply your Gift Certificate.

Go to your cart. You will see the product(s) you wish to order. Click on Checkout Now.


The following will appear:


It should already be filled out. Be sure it is correct. Then click on Continue Checkout. This will link you to the following. Type in your Gift Certificate code. Be sure not to type your code where it says, "Have a Coupon?" It will not work as a Coupon.


Click on APPLY. Then click on Continue Checkout to place your order.


Thank you.  If you need help, do let me know.


Larry Thornton

THORNTON STUDIOS . . . since 1969

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