Finding Waldo (your son/daughter) is not that hard, as we have organized the photographs to make it easy. The photographs are:

  • Posted daily 
  • Organized by company
  • Posted so that you do not need to spend hours

The "Waldo Looking" is even fun and entertaining, especially when you find your Plebe. If you are a creative person, you will enjoy creating your photo book at the end of the summer -- and giving to family and friends as a Christmas present. There couldn't be a better one.

If your son/daughter is a NAPSTER, please look in the June 30 gallery. If your son/daughter is in the D&B, Color Guard, a Guideon Bearer, periodically look in the GROUP galleries. We add photographs as the summer progresses.

STEP 1: Induction Day

Look in the following photo galleries as they are posted:

July 1: Report. The photographs are posted by the actual time they were taken. If you arrived at 6:35 and your son/daughter entered Alumni Hall at 7:35, look in the 6:30, 7:00 and 7:30 galleries. You should have him/her there several times.

July 2: Afternoon. Not organized by company or any other way.

July 1: Marching to Oath of Office. Look in A-G if your son/daughter is in Company A thru F. Look in G-P if your son/daughter is in Company H thru P. If your son/daughter is in Company G, look in both folders, as G is in both.

July 1: Look in only the Company of your son/daughter.

STEP 2: After July 1

Each day look in the postings for the previous day. We will post July 2 on July 3 etc. We will spread out the photographs if we have literally hundreds of them over a few days to make it an easier task for you. You will need to look only in the gallery of your son/daughter's company. If we do not know the company of a group of photographs, we will post them in all company folders.

If you need help, please contact me 443-699-3000


Larry Thornton

Thornton Sudios  . . . since 1969