The FAVORITES feature is available with Basic and Credit Membership, not with Social Media Membership. FAVORITES is your personal page on our website that allows you to save photographs from the summer. It is important because it lets you:

  • Collect photos for your Plebe Summer Photo Book.
  • Save photographs of your son/daughter throughout the summer -- and then decide which ones you want to purchase or put in your Photo Book.
  • Saves you time and energy, much of it.

To save a photograph to FAVORITES, you need to do the following:

1) Log in to your account. If you do not log in, any photo you mark as a FAVORITE will not be saved. To see if you are logged in, scroll down to the bottom of he home page. In the lower left hand corner, it should read in orange letters, "Log Out." If it says "Log Out", you are logged in. If it says "Log In" you need to log in first.

2) Find a photograph of your son/daughter

3) Move your cursor (mouse) to the upper right hand corner of the photograph -- not the screen. A white heart will appear.

4) Left click on the white heart. It will turn to red. The photograph is now saved as a FAVORITE. You will not need to search for it again.

5) Check to be sure it is saved. There are two ways to do this.

FIRST WAY: Move the cursor to the right hand corner again. The heart will now appear red, not white.

SECOND WAY: Look in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You should see the following:


The (1) means you have saved 1 photograph to Favorites: My Selection. If you add another photograph, the (1) will read (2), and so on.

Viewing your Favorites

There are three sizes for the FAVORITES thumbnails. Look in the upper right hand corner of the FAVORITES and you will see this,


This view is the largest as the largest box is highlighted.


If you click on the middle box, the thumbnails will get smaller. Look below:


The box far to the left and you get even smaller thumbnails.




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