How to . . . FIND WALDO

We have done everything possible to make it easy for you to find your son/daughter, your Plebe -- your Waldo. With over 65,000 photographs during the summer, you will need to spend time looking. There will be about 50-150 photographs of your son/daughter. We can guarantee this, as long as you spend the time looking. Some parents have found over 200. It all depends on how much you look and how methodical you are in your search.


1) We will send you an email almost every day with links to the day's postings. We will identify in the email what companies are included in the day's postings. 

2) If you signed up ALL YOU CAN FIND, you have the option to use Facial Software to find your Plebe. We will not post all photographs for this facial recognition option -- only those that produce a high percentage chance of finding your Plebe. See Q&A for more information on how to set up this feature.

Read the four short Power Point presentations. It will save you frustration  possibly. Links have been provided below:






Every day go to our site.

Gray Boxes: The grey boxes (see the one below) contain multiple galleries. It is not empty. This particular folder contains galleries for June 30, with over 3,000 photographs. It will include all companies, A-P. If your Plebe's company is not listed, there is no need to click on this folder to view the galleries. In this case all companies are included.


Galleries: The gallery below is for July 1. It is for Company D, Platoon 7 only. If your Plebe is not in D7, there is no need to look for your plebe. He/she will not be there. If your Plebe is in D7, then look at the (90%). This 90% means that you have a 90% chance of finding your Plebe.


If you ever need help, let me know.

Larry Thornton