Q & A About Digital Files

Q: How may mexapixels do I really need for my purposes?

A: The following information provides an overview of megapixels in relation to the maximum recommended print size --roughly. A print resolution of 300 DPI corresponds to magazine quality. "Acceptable" prints don't require 300 DPI but e.g. 2 MP will not scale to something like 20x30cm without a severe loss of quality.


2 MP                1600x1200             10x13 cm / 4x6"

3 MP                2048x1536             13x18 cm / 5x7"

4 MP                2400x1600             18x23 cm / 6x8"

6 MP                3000x2000             20x30 cm / 7x10 "

8 MP                3600x2400             30x40 cm /10x14"  

12 MP              4200x2800           40x60 cm / 16x24 "


A: It is the relationship between one size of a file, or print, and the other. For example a 4x6 inch print has an aspect ratio of 66% because 4 inches is 66% of 6 inches. An 8x10 inch print has an aspect ratio of 80% because 8 inches is 80% of 10 inches. The issue arises from the fact that the aspect ration of the original file at the time the photograph is taken is about 66%. You are able to make a 4x6 print from the file without having to "cut off" or not use some of the file. However, if you make an 8x1o print (with a 80% aspect ratio) you will have to "cut off" or lose 12% of the file. The 12% is lost on either or both of the longer dimension, depending on how your crop. The photographs we take allow for this loss of 12% of the file size in case you want to make an 8x10 print. We allow about 12% extra space on the long side so you can do the cropping you need.


Q: What size files do you offer for sale?

A: 1 MP, 3 MP, or 5 MP.