This set of directions is designed for parents who wish to make their own Photo Book, and make it easily. The directions are for a single photo per page. We are not able to help you on multiples of 2 or 4 photographs per page.

STEP 1:  Save the photographs to Favorites.

You will need the following number of photographs: 22, 32, 42, or 52. Inside of the book, on the pages, are 20 photographs, one per page. The other two photographs are for the front of the book cover and the back of the book cover. The only exception is that all panoramic photo covers two pages. It counts as two photographs.

There are 29 photographs in this set of favorites, with 4 photographs that are panoramas.


Click on My Selection to go to your favorites to begin making your book. Here they are.




Next, put the photos in the order in which you want them in your book. The first two photographs, however, should be the photos for the front and back covers. Best photos for front and back are horizontal ones. To place the photos in order, just place your mouse over the image, hold down the mouse, and "drag" the image. Please review below to help your place photos in order. You will find that placing the photos in order will make your job easier. Please review below.


For page 1 you can also create your page if you have us design your book.




In the upper right hand corner of the screen, hover over BUY. A dropdown will appear.

Click on BUY ALL.


Click on the word Customize on the 11 x 8.5 Custom Hard Cover line. If you want to design the book yourself.


You will see three options, as seen below. We suggest the Simple Black. If you choose one and decide later to change the book color, you will have to redesign the book.



Clicking on your choice will take you to the screen below, where you will design your book.

STEP 4: Designing Your Book


Right above the two photographs in the middle of the screen, you will see the following.

Tool 1: Change Options

First we will complete the CHANGE OPTIONS, on the right. Click on it.


The Change Options dialog will open up. The Paper Type has been set for Pearl. The number of pages is set for 20. I would start with 20. When you get to page 19 or two you will have the option to add 10 more pages.


Next click on the Cover Lamination. We suggest Gloss as the detail is better.


Next click on Back & Front Cover Text. A dialog will appear where you will type in the wording you want on the front cover.



Click on the pencil to the right of Title.  Under Title is the default title, My Photo Book.The following dialog will appear where you type in the wording for the front cover on the top above the photo. Type in your title. Keep in short. If you have too many letters/spaces, the title will not be accepted.



Save and then click on the pencil for the Date.


Save this. You may need to wait several second for the title and date to show up on the actual book cover.

Tool 2: Change Photos

Now we are going to change the photos.  The program has randomly placed photographs in your book. Disregard this and proceed as follows.

Click on Change Photos and the following dialog will appear on the right. There are three tabs at the top. The only one you are concerned about is Favorites. The green arrow in the lower left hand corner of each photograph indicates that the photo has been placed randomly in your book.



The first two photographs are the back of the book (on the left) and the front of the book (on the right). You will see your text above and below the photograph on the right. To change the photograph for the front cover, place your mouse over one of the photos under the Favorites tab on the right, hold the mouse down, and "drag" it over the photograph you want to replace. It is that easy. If you placed your photographs in order from your Favorites tab, all photographs will be in order. This is the procedure to place the photographs in the rest of the book.


Tool 3: Cropping

Before we tackle the rest of the book, let us show you how to "crop" you photo. Left click on the front cover photo and the dialog will appear. The tools are, from left to right,

ZOOM: Drag the button left or right to zoom in or out.

CENTER: Centers the photo.

CROP TOOL: Crops the photo

TRASH CAN: Deletes the photo from the book, not from your set of Favorites.

CHANGE PHOTO: Changes photo with another one in your favorites.


Double click on the image and more tools will appear. They are somewhat self-explanatory. When you are finished, click on Done Cropping to take you back to previous screen.


Tool 4: Layout

Layout is the last thing to do. Layout is essentially how many photographs you are going to put on each page, as well as what pages will be panoramas. The book we are making is all 8 x 10s, or I should say, 10 x 8s as the book is horizontal. If you are placing a vertical photograph in your book, then there will be empty space on the horizontal page for a vertical photo -- unless of course you zoom in the image close enough to fill the page. A panorama photo (if you are using any) will fill two pages, half on the left page and the other half on the right side. Let us go back to the full screen, which you will find below.


Below the "wrap area" displaying the front and back cover, you will see the layout for the book. There is a orange arrow to the right and left to move forward or backwards in the layout. The layout you are currently working on is highlighted. In this case it is the front and back cover. Click on the page 1 of the book. It is gray with text on it. There is no photo opposite it in the book so it stands by itself. In this case, I designed a title page for the book and placed it on page 1. This is because my first real photo was a panorama that had to span two pages, left and right.

Click on the Change Layout, and you will see the following pop up on the right. The real layout option for a single page is an 8 x 10. When you go to pages 2 and 3, the only option you have for two pages is an 8 x 10 on the left and an 8 x 10 on the right. If you have a panorama, you will need to scroll down to the layout option, the panorama. Please note that you can actually put 2 or 4 photographs on a page, but these directions are only for 8x10s. This makes designing your book a lot easier. You are welcome, on your own, to place more than one photo on a page.




Continue placing all your photos in the book. The website will automatically save the work you did if you need to take a break. Or, you can save it yourself. There is a Save button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.


Have fun. If you get frustrated or something doesn't work, call me at 443-699-3000.