Q: How many photographs will you take of my midshipman during Commissioning Week 2015?

A: Probably 8-15. 

Photographs We Will Be Taking during Commissioning Week 2015

Of Your Midshipman Of Events
General The Yard
Not Yet Available


Q: Will I need to sign up to access the Commissioning Week 2015 photographs?

A: Yes, you will, prior to Commissioning Week.

Q: Will need a password to access the photographs?

A: No password is needed. We have eliminated them. Once you create an account on our site and sign up for access to the photographs, you will automatically have access to the photographs when you log in.

Q: What is the cost for accessing the photographs and purchasing them?

A: You have three choices, $49.95 with option to purchase photographs A LA CARTE, $99.95 with credit, and $189.95 for Photo Book. 


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