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PRANKS at the Naval Academy: The Perfect Crime


Iconic it is, the throwing of the caps into the air at graduation. The caps are no longer needed, so why not?


Annapolis kids flock to the field after to collect them as prized souvenirs. LT Chris Sabbatini '02, USN, was one of the "children who lined the field at graduation in 1993, when his father, Julian Sabbatini, was stationed at the Academy." He collected 15 covers.

In 1902, Chris threw his cap into the air and thought nothing of it. But a young boy, Alex McKenna, picked it up. Inside was a note explaining how he, Chris, had retrieved a cover. Alex McKenna graduated 10 years later and put a similar note in his cover.



The tradition goes back at least to 1964 when Roger Staubach, the Heisman Trophy winner later to become the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, graduated from the Naval Academy. The Class of 1964 decided to play a prank on the kids collecting the caps. So popular and well-known was Staubach that all the kids wanted to find Roger Staubach's cap. Knowing this, the Class wrote the name "Roger Staubach" in their cap. So if you find a cap on EBAY with the name "Roger Staubach" inside, you might question its authenticity.