Commissioning Week Traditions, Folklore, and Pranks

The Cap Toss at the Naval Academy is over 100 years old. There is proof in the The Lucky Bag of 1926 that the Class of 1926 threw their caps into the air. Some people believe that occurred many years earlier, in 1912, when for the first time midshipmen, upon graduation were also commissioned in the same ceremony. Prior to 1906, the midshipmen were required to serve two years in the fleet before they would be commissioned. The change in policy sparked a spontaneous throwing of the caps which were then no longer needed. There is some link between, though nothing concrete, that the cap toss at the Naval Academy, sparked the tradition of cap tossing across the country.



Cap Toss 2014 Public Domain Taken by Navy Personnel

This photograph is typically available a few days after graduation. It is not copyrighted.

Cap Toss 2014 Entire Class

Thornton Studio will be providing this photograph for you.

Cap Toss 2014 Top 100

This photograph we will take for Graduation. We will provide close up of sections of the graduating class tossing their covers.

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