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Please find below a table that outlines Photo Book options.




Options for total # of pages Max. # of photos per page Recommended # of Photos Per page Base Price
5x5 Soft Cover  20, 32, 40 2 1 $99.95
5x5 Hard Cover   2 1 $149.95
8.5x11 Hard Cover Only 20,30,40,50 4 (also 2 photos) 1 or 2 $199.95




1) Before designing your book, create a SET of photos just for your Photo Book

2) Before creating your book, place them in order in your Photo Book Set.

3) If you plan to use photos you take during Commissioning Week, use the largest files size possible, with a minimum 200 DPI at an 8x10 print size, or 5M pixels. If you don't, the photo book program will not accept the file.

4) If you are making a Photo Book of 2011 - 2015, you will need to send them to me when you have them all organized. Send on a CD or through Google Drive.

5) Write down the numbers of all your photos, just in case something happens.

6) Save your work after every few pages, just in case something happens.



STEP 1: Save to your PHOTO BOOK SET all the photographs you may want to place in your photo book. Once you have done so, click on PHOTO BOOK set. Below is a sample set of photos saved.


This is the time to place these photos in the order you want them in your Photo Book. See directions on how to do so in upper left hand corner.

"Drag thumbnails to re-arrange; hold the SHIFT or CTRL key to select multiple thumbnails; right click for options; double click to view."




Click on the Create a Book option.




Select the type of book you want: Soft Cover or Custom Hard Cover.

We suggest the Custom Hard Cover, as it is more durable and professional.

Click on your choice.





Decide on the size of your photo book. We would suggest the 5x5 if the photographs you will use are only Commissioning Week -- and the 8.5 x 11 if more than Commissioning Week or you will be using some of your own photographs.

Click on your choice.





Decide on the Design of your book. We suggest the Simple Black.

Click on your choice. You will not see the screen below, which is where your design options are available.





Look at the right hand upper side of the screen. We will make these decisions first.

Above the layout you will see Change Options. Click on it.

We will not work on Page Options on the right.


Click on Page Options and the following will appear:


There is really no decision to make here at this point. The Paper Type is set at PEARL and the Number of Pages is set at 12 (for 5x5 book) or 20 (for 8.5x11 book). The number of pages you will be able to change later if you need to.


Next click on Page Cover Lamination.


We would suggest Gloss as it emphasizes colors of the photographs.



Next click on Back and Front Cover Text. Left click on the pencil to the right of Title to type in what you want for the title of your book. Then click on the the pencil to the right of Date to type in the date.


Select Back and Front Cover Photos. You will see two boxes below this. They may be filled with photographs. These are the photographs for the front and back cover of your book. You can change them.



At the bottom of the panel you have been working on, you will see Qty: Select the number of books you want.

STEP 7: Choosing and editing photographs


Now look at the middle of your screen. Click on Change Photos above the book layout. To the right will appear your photographs. Click on Favorites and the photos you saved will appear.

At the bottom of the screen, directly above this line of copy, you will see the layout for your book. Six layouts will appear. They are Back and Front Cover, Page 1 (which will be only one page or side), Page 2 and 3, which will be opposing pages. To view the layouts for Page 4 and 5 and beyond click on the orange  arrow button to right of last layout -- or the left arrow button to go back. Left click on the page and it will replace the current pages that you are editing. Above you will see the front (blank) and back cover photos.

Now Click on Page 1. It is a single page and looks like this.

You are now going to place a photograph on page 1. It is simple to do so. Select an image on the right (it should be the first one if you put your photos in order). Hold down the mouse and drag over to Page 1. Release. It should look like the screen below. Notice that the selected photograph has a green check in the lower left hand corner, indicating that you have placed this image in your book.


Now we are going to edit the photographs, just like you want it to be in your book. Once you know how to do this, you essentially can design the rest of your book.



Hover over the image, and a dotted orange box will appear. Now left click on the image to view the editing panel, as seen below.


Above the photograph is an editing bar. Move the slide to the left or right to zoom in or out on the photograph. Below I have place the photo so the entire image is used. It is a horizontal photograph so I will have blank space (which will be black) above and below the image.

Below I have zoomed in and have filled the entire page. The problem with doing this is that the image may be rejected if it is too closely cropped. The quality of the original file is not big enough to crop in so close and the quality will suffer.



If you click on Center, the image will be centered but , as you see below, it may not be what you want.


To do your own custom cropping, click on the third tool from the left, the cropping tool. You will now see how you can crop the photograph any way you want.


Place your cursor over the orange box and drag the box wherever you want.

Hover over one of the corners and you can crop as you wish. When you are done click, Done Cropping.

You have finished editing page 1.


If you want to place two photographs on page 1 , you can do this. Left click on Change Layout, the middle option in the bar above page 1. On the right will appear what you see below. Scroll down to view your options. The options for the 8.5x11 book are: one photo, two photos, etc. The options will vary according to the page you are on. To select a layout other than 1 photo, simply left click on what you want.




Now let's work on the layout for page 2 and 3. Click on the page 2 and 3 layout at the bottom of the screen. Below is page 2 and 3 with one photo on each page.




STEP 8: Save your work.


Click on Save to Cart to save your work. You can go back to it later if you wish. Please note that at this point you have not actually ordered the book.