If you have tried to reset your password, you may have gotten the following popup:

"An unexpected errror has occurred. If this problem persists, contact Support."




It has occurred probably because you typed in your password too many times and had to reset your password.

To reset your password, you need to do the following:


Before you reset the password, you need to clear your computer cache. Otherwise. you will continue to receive the error.

Here is how to clear your cache.

IE explorer.











STEP 2: Reset your password.

Click on the "Forgot your password?" link. An email will be sent to you. Type in the new password, rather than COPY and PASTE it.

You should then be logged in.

STEP 3: Change your password

Go to MY ACCOUNT in the upper right hand corner of your secrrem. Click on MY PROFILE and change your password. You will need the one just sent to you by email. please note that your computer should remember your password so that you should not have to type it in each time you access our website. If you use another computer for access, you will have to enter the password the first time. We recommend using nly one computer for Finding Waldo.

Thank you.

Call if you need additional help.


Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios

The Waldo Team