Army Navy Game Dec 10, 2016


We are produced a Photo Book of the Army-Navy Game 2016. It is the perfect keepsake of the game. The 8 1/2 x 11 Hard Cover Book with 20 pages, and approximately 30-40 full color photographs. They will be the best photographs from some 6,000 I took before, during and after the game. The book is professionally designed with captions. See below.

+Hard Cover with photograph on front and back. Glossy finish.





Binding technology that keeps your pages laying flat when your book is open. Standard default binding includes page that curl at binding when book is open.


170# weight paper, the thicket and heaviest in the book binding industry. Archival sating finish paper is PH neutral, chlorine-free and derived from sustainably controlled forests. Standard default paper is 120# satin finish, PH neutral chlorine-free and derived from sustainably controlled forests. Finish is lustre instead of high gloss.


Photo Box Window: Store your book in a memory keeper with a soft touch matter finish, smooth in texture and elegant in appearance. With enough space to store keepsakes from the game and your Photo Book. Complete the presentation by adding your own picture in a drop-top box window. Color is a Pale Seafoam.

Presentation Box: Complement your photo book with a sturdy encasement, finished with a soft touch matte coating. An aesthetic appearance with a smooth texture, display the Photo Book work with a look of refinement.

CUSTOMIZE: Your book can be customized. You choose the photograph for the front cover. Your midshipman's name is included on the front cover. The panorama on page 2 and 3 will include your midshipman's company. The photographs on page 4 and 5 will be your midshipman's company.

If you wish a truly customized book of the game, you are welcome to select the images from the ones on our site and we will produce the book for you.



Front Cover

Cover is customized with your Midshipman name.



Customize with a photograph of your midshipman.


Page 1

Factoids about the Army Navy Game, along with the 5oth anniversary of the greatest prank of all, the stealing of the Army mule from West Point. Also included are pranks from 2016 army Navy Week.



Page 2 and 3 Panorama of Marchon, customized to your Midshipman company. Below are companies 1-3, 6-8, and 11-12.


Page 4 and 5: Your midshipman's company will be featured.


The rest of the book will be the best photographs we took during the game, over 50 of them. The photographs will include:

1) Marchon;

2) Pre Game Activities including: Leap Frogs, Exchange of Service Academy students, coin toss, Donald Trump, Entrance of company 13 with game ball, Football Team Warmups;

4) Each quarter of the game in a 2 page panorama;

Groups included will be: Cheerleaders, Glee Club, football team.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 443-699-3000