Creating a New Set of Favorites

Hover over Favorites: My Selection (1) to view a dropdown.

At the bottom of the dropdown is "Add New Set." Click on it.

"Create a new set of favorites" popup will appear. Type in your last name and then "Photo Book." Click on Create.



You are done.

Save one photograph to the Photo Book favorites.

Once you have saved you first photograph to your Photo Book, SHARE the set with me. In the upper right hand corner of your new set of favorites, left click on Share Favorites. A Popup will appear. Identify the FAVORITES as PHOTO BOOK, as in THORNTON: PHOTO BOOK. In the "You Can add a message below" section add a message if you wish. Then left click on SHARE.

Now add all the photographs you like to your Photo Book. Add every one you like and wish to place in the book. Keep the total number of photographs below 70. You do NOT need to place the photographs in order at this time.

Here is the tricky part. The Photo Book is in a horizontal -- or landscape format. If you chose a vertical photograph, there will be white space on either side of the vertical photograph.

Email me and tell me you are ready for me to edit/design the book. When you email me, include the wording you want above the photograph on the front cover and below the photograph on the front cover.


Photo Book Front CoverPhoto Book Front Cover


BELOW: MIDN Larry Thornton, United States Naval Academy

ABOVE: Plebe Summer 2016, Class of 2020

Also email me with the wording you want on your CONGRATULATIONS (if you want one) page.



Please call me with any questions/concerns.

NOTE: Once I edit the photographs, I will send you a link with the suggested order.

Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios

The Waldo Team