Please find below general information about the Plebe Portrait that has been scheduled. Please see the email for date and time.

Q: Where does my midshipman meet you?

A: I will be between the Mexican Monument along Stribling Walk and the Gazebo in front of the Main Chapel at the designated time.

Q: What happens if it rains.

A: The photographs will be taken in the Rotunda area.

Q: What happens if the Academy at the last minute schedules something for my midshipman?

A: Try to call me and let me know at 443-699-3000.  If he/she can't call me, then contact me the next day.

Q: What happens if my midshipman is running late, or is early.

A: Best thing to do is just show up. The schedule is not rigid. Sometimes one midshipman is early, the next late. I adjust as needed.

Q: What uniform does my midshipman wear?

A: This is your decision. There are three possible uniforms: whites, Service Dress Blues, and Full Dress Blues (parade uniform). For the photograph your midshipman does not have to wear the uniform of the day. In addition, the Full Dress Blues are not usually issued until the first part of October.

Q: What size will the files be?

A: Large enough to make a good 8x10 print, at least 5 MP.

Q: When will the photographs be ready and I will be able to access them?

A: They will be ready usually on Tuesday following the portrait sitting. I will send you a link to the files which you can immediately download.

Q: Are the photos edited?

A: We do pick the best ones, and will provide you about five good poses. They are not color corrected and edited in any way other than the selection of the best images. You can make you own prints at a local store. However, if you want a quality print, we would suggest you have us make the print. Our prints are custom edited and printed on quality Epson 100 year archival paper. We are not responsible for the prints at CVS Pharmacy and similar places.

Q: Will you edit the files for me and provide the edited files?

A: Yes we will. The cost per file is $25.00

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Larry Thornton  443-699-3000