The Plebe Summer 2015 PHOTO BOOK has arrived!

The Photo Book is personalized with photographs of your son/daughter. The horizontal 11 x 8.5 format book is hard covered and is professionally made, delivered to you in 3-4 days after ordering. 

The photographs can be taken by

1) Thornton Studios, including photograph suggestions for front and back cover

2) Parents' Weekend Booklet (available on our site),

2) Alumni Association, or

3) Any other source, including your own photos.

You can make the book yourself on line. We will also be glad to make the book for you.

There is a charge of only $59.95 for us to create the book for you. Includes:

  1. Cropping and editing of photographs to 11x8.5 format
  2. Proof
  3. One online cropping edit
  4. Telephone consultation

What you need to do if you are interested in one of these books for Christmas (grandparents, etc.)

FIRST: Purchase the Photo Book Editing

SECOND: Pick you best photographs taken by us and save them in one selection of photos.

THIRD: Pick the best photographs from the Alumni Association etc. and send them to us. Call us on how to do this.

FOURTH: Place the photos in order in the Favorites.


Price of book start at $150.00 (does not include $59.95 editing)

8.5 " x 11" Hard Cover Book

# of Pages























Q: Can I use my CREDIT toward the purchase of the book?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Can I include photographs of my family that you took over parents' weekend?

A: Yes

Q: Can I use photographs of my son/daughter that you took or will take in the fall in the Yard?

A: Yes

Q: How many photographs can I put in a book?

A: We encourage you to place only one photo on each page. A 20 page book would accommodate 20 photos, a 30 page book, 30 photos, etc. However, there are layouts for 2 and 4 photos on a page. There is even a layout for a panorama across the left page and the right.

Q: How do I put the book together?

A: Two ways.  One way is for you to do it yourself on our website. Second, you can have us do it for you. In the second case, we would send it to your account for your approval and ordering. All you would need to do is to select the photographs and put them in order.


Larry Thornton 443-699-3000