First, go to any gallery, such as the one below. We are going to save this large image.


To save the photograph, move your cursor to the top middle section of the large photograph you want to save. The white outline of a heart will appear.

Left click on it and it will be a filled in heart, like the image below.


Your photograph is now saved. If you wish to verify that you have saved the image, just move your cursor over the photo again and the heart will be filled.

To view your saved favorite, look at the upper left hand corner of your screen. Your set of Favorites is called My Selection. The (1) means you have saved one photograph to My Selection. Congratulations. It is that easy.

NOTE: You can rename My Selection to whatever you want. You can create additional selections.

To view My Selection, click on My Selection. Your favorites wll appear.

To view a larger image of any saved images double click on the image.



Please contact me if you have any questions.

Larry Thornton 443-699-3000