PASSWORD-There is just one!

There is only ONE password needed to access photographs. It is for the FREE ACCOUNT. You create this one password for the FREE account. We have no access to the password -- or your account. AND we can not reset your password.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be logged in each time you wish to view the photographs. Most computers will do this automatically if you set it up to remember the password. If you are using more than one computer, which we do NOT recommend, you will need to set up each computer to remember your password and account information. There are two ways to be sure you are logged in:


FIRST WAY Look in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You will see a WELCOME.
SECOND WAY Scroll down to the lower left hand corner of your screen. If you see Logout (as below) you are logged in. If you see Login, you are not logged in and will need to do so.

The FREE ACCOUNT is very important to set up. When you set it up, two things will happen:

1) You will be able to save photographs as FAVORITES.

2) It will also make it possible for us to back up your saved photographs on our site for you. See HOW TO SHARE FAVORITES on how to do this.

If you enter the password three times incorrectly, you will be denied access for 24 hours. You will see this popup. Click on Reset Password and proceed.  
If you just wish to reset your password, just click on Forgot Your Password and proceed  



Larry Thornton

The Waldo Team