Coupon Code Value

Number of Photo Files You Can Download During the Summer

Number of Files you can download as a ZIP FILE at end of summer
BEST 15 Photo Files $60.00 15 photo files. You can purchase more but not with the coupon. 0
ALL YOU CAN FIND $200.00 50. You can download more but not until the end of the summer. 200

This is easy. Follow these directions to find your coupon code.

STEP 1: Click on My Account in upper right hand corner of your screen. If you do not see it, you are not logged in.


STEP 2: You will see the following dialog. Click on My Orders.

STEP 3: Go to your first order, the one at the bottom if you have more than order.

STEP 4: Your Coupon Code is your order #. EXAMPLE: ZF-1234-56789-1 with the hyphens.

STEP 5: Apply your code. You will see it in the upper right hand corner of this screen when you get to it.

If you have the right COUPON CODE, you will see this.

If you have an invalid COUPON CODE, this screen will appear.

STEP 6: With the correct COUPON CODE, your next screen will be REVIEW and COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE. Please note that the balance due is $00.00 as you have applied your COUPON CODE. We are not able to indicate your remaining balance. Click on PLACE ORDER.

Here is your Confirmation.

You can retrieve your photo file two different ways.

1) An email will be sent to you with a link to the photo file.

2) You can go to MY ACCOUNT>>MY ORDERS. Click on the order to retrieve the photo file.

THANK YOU. Please call me if you have any questions/concerns.

Remember that at the end of Plebe Summer if you have purchase the ALL YOU CAN FIND access, we will set up a gallery where you can download all files at one time in  a ZIP FILE. You will need to share your favorites with me to do this and contact me at the end of Plebe Summer.

Larry Thornton

The Waldo Team