You can order from us what is called a "PHOTO FILE." This file can be downloaded right after you order it. It can be found under MY ACCOUNT. The lin k to My Account is located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You must be logged in to see the panel below.


What is a "PHOTO FILE." It is digital information, not a print. It is available in three sizes, as outlined below:

Approx. # of pixels
Approx. Pixel Dimensions
*Acceptable Print Size
1 MP
1 Million
1225 x 815=998,375 pxls
3.5 x 5
Social Media
3 MP
3 Million
2123 x 1413=1,999,799 pxls
5 x 7
Too big for Social Media
5 MP
5 Million
2749 x 1824=5,014,176 pxls
8 x 10
Too big for Social Media

 * If you try to make a bigger-sized print, it will look out of focus. In fact, it is always better to purchase a file size that is one size bigger --- better quality and you may change your mind on the print size you want to make from the file.

What is a pixel?

It is one dot of color. Photographic  paper needs 250 dots vertically and 250 dots horizontally per square inch to make a print. One square inch needs therefore 62,500 dots. See chart below for # pixels required for different size prints.

LINK to test file sizes:

# of Square Inches
# of pixels needed
3.5 x 5
62,500 x 17.5= 1,093,750 pxls= @1.093 Million
5 x 7
62,500 x 35=2,187,500 pxls= @2.187 Million
8 x 10
62,500 x 80=5,000,000 pxls= @ 5 million

I hope this helps

Larry Thornton

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