Please read below if you have a slow loading time for your photographs.

At our end, we are doing the following:

1) Breaking up our galleries, when more than 200 photos into several galleries.

2) Providing thumbnails at the bottom of the screen. Several parents have indicated that this helps. If you do not see thumbnails, email me so I can create the thumbnail. I have to do this manually and may have missed a gallery.

AT your end, we would suggest the following:

1) Use a PC or MAC, not an IPAD.

2) Be sure your browser is updated to the newest version, especially IE.

3) If you access our site and see a new group of photographs, and you have a slow loading time, it is probably because the photographs are  still being processed. First we have to upload the files from our computer to the server. This may take several hours. Once uploaded the site has to process the photographs into 5-7 sizes, from thumbnails to large files. The time will depend on where we are in the processing queue. If you see a spinningwheel, itheta means that the photographs are still being process on the site.

4) Check the following on your computer.

A) Be sure there are no other programs running on your computer -- or at least shut down the ones running in the backhround or not is current use.

B) Try clearing your cache through your web browser.

C) Use a different browser to determine if the slow loading time is a result of the browser you are using. If you do not have a slow load time with another browser, the problem is your browser.

D Check the Time-Warner speed test to determine if your internet speed is slow.

Please call me if you have any slow loading speed issue.


Larry Thornton  443-699-3000-