Q&A Plebe Portrait

Q: What is the difference between a Plebe Fall Portrait and a Plebe Winter Portrait? A: The Fall portraits are taken outside in good weather Sept thru November. The Winter Portraits are taken in the Rotunda/Memorial Hall area with American flags, "Don't Give Up The Ship" as a background.
Q: What days do you take the portraits A: Sundays and Saturdays when there is an away football game.
Q: How do I schedule the time? A: After Plebe Summer We will send you a link to select a day and time.
Q: What times are available? A: 1100 HRS to 1600 HRS, that is, in civilian time, 11:00 am to 4:00 PM
Q: What do I do if I want photographs taken outside AND in the Rotunda/Memorial Hall area? A: You will need to sign up for two 1/2 hour periods, back to back -- OR sign up for one time in the fall and another in the Winter.
Q: Do I need to check with my Plebe before signing up? A: As long as you know that he/she is willing to show up for the portrait, you would not need to contact him/her. 
Q: What is included in the $79.95 fee. A: Everything, essentially. I will take 5-15 poses, some serious and some smiling (yes, smiling) and several days after the portrait siting send you a link to download all the files. The files are all included in the price.
Q: What uniform does my Plebe need to wear? A:Thi is your choice. We suggest the Full Dress Blues, or parade uniform.