Q: How many pages are in the Photo Book? A:30-40
Q: How many photographs will be in the Photo Book? A: A maximum of 50
Q: Which photographs will be in the Photo Book? A: All the ones you selected as Favorites, up to 50. You will need to delete photographs until you get down to the 50 you want?
Q: What goes on the front cover?

A: The photograph taken in Tecumseh Court during Plebe Summer 2017. It is "2021" with the Plebe class forming the numbers. There will be unde rthe photo the following:

Plebe Summer 2017

MIDN John Doe, United States Naval Academy

Q: What photograph goes on the back of the Photo Book? A: A sunset photograph of Bancroft Hall.
Q: Who designs the book? A: I will.
Q: Do I see the design of the book before it is printed? A: Not normally.
Q: Can I share in designing the Photo Book? A: Yes. You would need to pay for a Custom Book Design. Please contact Studios for more information. 443-699-3000
Q: What is the quality of the book? A: The book is a hard cover book with a glossy finish.
Q: What is the background of the photographs? A: We use a dark Navy Blue background with very faint anchors as a design.