Q: What is a file? A: It is digital information (not an actual print) from which you can make a print on your own computer or take to Sam's Club, etc. for printing.
Q: How big is your file? A: The original camera file size is huge -- 32 MP. We use this large size so we can make a better photograph for you. The file size you will download is 5MP, or about 2550 x 960 pixels.
Q: What size print can I make with this 5MP file? A: 8x10 with acceptable quality. If you make a smaller print, the photographic print would look even better.
Q: Can I use this file on Social Media? A: Yes, you can. The file size for Social Media is very small, only 1 MP.
Q: Is there available a larger file size? A: Yes, if you order 50 or more photographs, we will provide the largest size we have.