Q: What is a 5 MP file? A: It is a computer file that allows you to make an acceptable 8x10 print or use on Social Media.
Q: How can I be sure that you will have 50-60 photographs of my son/daughter? A: Because we have been doing this for a very long time. When we photograph an event, we photograph every company at the event and every Plebe (including yours) as many times as we can.
Q: What is your refund policy? A: You can cancel at any time, less a $39.95 cancellation fee.
Q: Will I need to spend a lot of time finding my son/daughter? A: That depends on you. The more time you spend, the more photographs you will find. Some parents have found over 250. Some parents make it an evening family activity. They have brothers/sisters looking for your son/daughter -- even girlfriends. 
Q: When do you post the photographs? A: Every day, and sometimes more than once a day. There are very few exceptions.
Q: Is finding my Plebe easy?

A: We make it as easy as possible. Each day's posting are labeled by Company/Platoon.  EXAMPLE POSTING: J10_A,D,E9

This posting includes photographs taken on July 10. The companies included are Company A and D. The posting also includes Platoon 9. There is no need to open this posting as there are no photographs of your son/daughter.   

Q:How do I download a file? A: Real easy. Click on BUY button. We will give you a COUPON CODE so at checkout there is no charge. An email will be sent to you with the download. Takes only a few seconds.
Q: Can I download multiple files all at one time? A: Yes, you can. In fact at end of summer you can download them at one time as a ZIP FILE. This is a real time-saver.
Q: How do I save photographs for the Photo Book? A: Just save them like you do any photograph. When you are ready to purchase the Photo Book, do so. We will then contact you on how to select the photographs. We do the work: edit, design, and printing.
Q: How do I sign up for a Plebe Portrait? A: Again, easy, click on BUY button and select Plebe Portrait. After Plebe Summer is over, we will contact you to select a day and time for the portrait.