Plebe Summer is a major transition in your son/daughter's life. He/she is leaving home and entering the military. The summer may be as difficult for you as it is for your son/daughter. With photographs and information about the Plebe's daily activities, we hope to bridge the gap between you and your Plebe. We are here to support you in any way we can.  We will take about 50 photographs of your Plebe, but we can make no guarantee that we will have the 50. What is required is your time to find the photographs. Refunds are not available if you do not spend the time to view the photographs.

Our Naval Academy connection is strong:

1) Family ties to the Naval Academy, and

2) 40 years providing photographic services to the Naval Academy family.

Our experience:

1) 37 years filming Plebe Summer, and

2) Over 45 years as a professional photographer.

We will take over 65,00 photographs during the summer focusing on each individual Plebe, with 50-150 of your son/daughter at over 20 evolutions. All photographs are organized by date/company/platoon/event, and can be saved with a backup feature on our website. You have three choices for accessing all these photographs:

Choice 1 Best 15 Photo Files

  Download up to fifteen hi quality 5MP files during or at the end of summer. 

Choice 2 All You Can Find 

 Download up to 50 files during the summer. At the end of the summer, download an additional 150 files as one ZIP FILE. Make your own Photo Book on Shutterfly or other website.



Choice 3

See samples below

8x10 Photo Book Only

 Select 40-50 photographs and we creat the book for you. We do everything, including editing layout and sending you a proof to approve. We recommend you purchase also Choice 1 or 2 if you wish to download files during the summer.



See samples


Plebe Portrait in Fall Sign up now and choose the day and time in the Fall. Sunday appointments. Price includes all files. For more information, see Q&A or contact Larry Thornton at 443-699-3000. $89.95


See sample below.

Family Portrait/ Parents Weekend Includes all files. Photograph is taken on Sunday between 0800 and 1300 hrs. $34.95


Included with all accesses:


Since 1971, a quality reputation . . .


EMAILS to make your life easy:

Waldo Daily News: Includes what the Plebes did during the day. http://www.plebesummer.com/dailynews#h84a006ec
Sunday News: Sunday evening with next week's typical activities: http://www.plebesummer.com/TD_01-04



Our website has been redesigned with the help of the Class of 2020 parents. Thank You, parents.

WEBSITE DEDICATION: Our website is for Plebe Summer only.

MORE . . . http://www.plebesummer.com/

SAVE PHOTOGRAPHS: Just click on the HEART to save photographs for future access. We will backup these photographs on our website.


NAVIGATION: Simple and Intuitive 

ORGANIZED PHOTOS: Organized by date, company/platoon, and event.





Your son/daughter's portrait can be taken in the Yard with the beauty of the fall colors (in the Fall. Sept thru Nov) OR in the Rotunda area (Jan through April) with flags in the background, as well as "Don't Give Up The Ship." They are taken on Sunday when your Plebe is restricted to the Yard. Sign up now and pick the day and time later. Photograph can be used in Photo Book. Price includes all files.

Yard PORTRAITS (Sept thru Nov)

Cobb C CompCobb C Comp ed Argo (8)ed Argo (8) Porter Catherine 30 2020Porter Catherine 30 2020
Clemons 18Clemons 18 Campau 18Campau 18 Sinkus Julia 14Sinkus Julia 14

Rotunda PORTRAITS (Sept thru April)

Brakey 29 2020Brakey 29 2020 Cooke 7,8 2020Cooke 7,8 2020 Toole Zach 17Toole Zach 17
Corban Caleb 18Corban Caleb 18 Speranzo Julia 15Speranzo Julia 15 Myers Maddie 6Myers Maddie 6