Commissioning Week 2016 

The Class of 2016, The United States Naval Academy

We will be photographing Commissioning Week again this year, and will take the following photographs of your graduate.

You do not even need to tell us who your graduate is. We will photograph everyone. For example, we photograph every company during the parade. We then place the photographs in separate folders, one for each company. You will have very few photos to look through to find your son/daughter. We use the same procedure for other events.


1) Graduation Exercises, the processional, shaking hand with the speaker, and walking off stage. Candids will also be taken of the stadium, Cap Toss, Three Cheers, Beat Army, etc.;







2) The Formal Dress Parade, focusing on Stripers and the First Class;




3) Your Family. We will be available at specific times during Commissioning Week: the Garden Party, after Graduation and other times to be announced. You will receive all the files at the maximum size available, usually large enough to make a 16x20 photograph. Our time is limited. First-come, first-served.



In addition, we will be photographing the following events:


Blue Angels

Formal Dress Parade

USMC 8th and I Silent Drill Team

Other events



The photographs (as Downloadable Files or Prints) will be available about a week after graduation -- if not sooner. A Photo Book of Commissioning Week 2016 can also be purchased. The images will be high quality, taken with only NIKON cameras with a large file size.

This Commissioning Week 2016 photography is a "crowd funding" activity. Many Class of 2016 parents pay a small amount to hire us to take thousands of photographs of the week's activities.

THREE OPTIONS to contract us to photograph your midshipman:


Once you hire us, we will send you a coupon valued at $29.95 to purchase Downloadable Files and/or photographs. See Download File and Print Sizes prices below.


Purchase this membership and receive a $99.95 coupon. This coupon is worth twice what you paid for it. The $99.95 coupon means you receive a 50% discount on Digital Downloads and/or prints from us-- and you will be able to purchase most of the photographs we take of your grad during the week, as well as some candids. This is perfect for a scrapbook.


This contract is for a 8 1/2 x 11 Photo Book of Commissioning Week 2016. We will probably take enough photographs for the book, but you can add your own for even more personalization.


Price are:

DOWNLOAD FILE SIZE (Includes copyright release to make your own prints)
Best Use

1 MP (1,000,000 pixels)
Social Media and a 3.5 x 5 Print
3 MP (3,000,000 pixels)
5x7 Print
5 MP  (5,000,000 pixels)
8x10 Print
Maximum File Size (from 20 to 32 MP)
Better quality print at all sizes

Pixel count determines the size at which you can produce a high-quality print. If you do not have enough pixels, your prints may exhibit pixilation defects or worse, you may be able to see the individual pixels. Depending on your printer you typically need anywhere from 200 to 300 pixels per linear inch, or ppi, of the print. To produce an 8x10 print at 200 ppi, for example you need a pixel count of 1600 x 2000, or about 3.2 megapixels; for a 5x7 print at 200 ppi, 1.4 megapixels; or for a 3.5 print at 200 ppi, megapixels. We suggest, for better quality, a larger number of pixels.

You can also purchase very high quality prints from us at the following prices:

Print Sizes

 Please contact me if you have any questions: 443-699-3000.

Larry Thornton /  Thornton Studios