This Photo Book measures 11 x 8 1/2 (horizontal format) and includes 20 pages, or sides.

The book is a hard cover book with a photo printed on the front as well as one on the back. There are therefore a total of 22 photos, with one photo per page. You can also place 2 or 4 photographs on a page.

You can supply your own photographs as well. They will need to be high quality, at 200 DPI and the largest file size. Camera and I-Pad phones do not have the needed quality.

On the front of the book is usually Commissioning week 2016 with your graduate's name. You chose the working. We will design the book for you if you include one photo per page. If you wish more than one photo per page, you will need to design the book yourself on our site. Price is the same regardless.