Q&A Class of 2016 First Class Portraits

Q: Where will the photographs be taken?

A: If good weather, outside in the yard. Otherwise in the Rotunda area.

Q: When will the sitting take place?

A: At a time convenient for your midshipman. I will work with him/her to schedule a day and time.

Q: After I sign up, what do I need to do?

A: Not much, just let your midshipman know and forward me his phone number and email address so I can contact him/her?

Q: When will the photographs be ready?

A: A day or two after the sitting. You will find them under CLIENTS, the First Letter of the midshipman's last name (if your last name is different that the midshipman, look under his/her last name), and his/her name. For example, for me, I would navigate to CLIENTS>>T>>Thornton.

Q: When will I be able to download the files?

A: Once they are posted. Just right click on image and select DOWNLOAD.

Q: What uniform should he/she wear?

A: We suggest the Full Dress Blues, but it is you choice. If Full Dress Blues, be sure to bring gloves, watch belt and sword.

Q: Where does my son/daughter need to meet you?

A: In the Rotunda area.

Q: How long will the sitting take?

A: About 30 minutes.

Q: Can you make the prints for me?

A: Yes we can. They will be CUSTOM prints, with cropping, color and density correction, retouching, dodging, burning and sharpening.


Thank you. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Larry Thornton

443-699-3000 or ThorntonStudios@comcast.net