We can guarantee that we will take about 70,000 photographs during Plebe Summer 2018. Unforeseen circumstance may make this impossible, such as canceled evolution, weather, the closing of the Academy Yard, etc.

We are not able to guarantee that we will be able to photograph your son/daughter any specific number of times, at any specific event, or any specific pose. How many photographs you find of your son/daughter will depend on two factors.

FIRST: what access your purchase. ALL FIND gives you access to all 70,000 photographs. EZ FIND gives you access to about 30,000.

SECOND: It will depend on how much time you spend looking for your son/daughter. Once you receive the photo password, we, we are not able to make any refunds. The only exception would be if your son/daughter separates from the Academy. If this is the case we will prorate the access fee based on the number of days he/she participated in Plebe Summer.

Q: How long will the photographs be available? A: Until December 30, 2018 for EZ Find: May 15, 2019 for ALL Find.
Q: If my son/daughter separates from the Academy, how do I request the refund? A: Just email me and let me know when he/she separated.
Q: If my son/daughter is "wounded," will you still photograph him/her? A: Yes, but not nearly as much as if he/she is participating in an event. Sometimes the "wounded" do not even attend an event -- and if they do, are not very photographical.
Q: If my son is on the football team, will you be able to photograph him? After the third week, the football players start eat together and start their practices. I believe the football players do not participate in as many events as the other Plebes once this starts.