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During Plebe Summer 2016: 1:00 pm to 4:00
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Since 9/11, Larry Thornton has been photographing Plebe Summer. The idea originated with him in 1980 and now includes a customized Photo Book of the summer. The phrase "Finding Waldo", which you will hear a lot during the summer, was first used by Larry Thornton to describe the process of finding photographs of your son/daughter. Before 2001 Larry Thornton videotaped Plebe Summer "unofficially." From 2001 to 2009 he was "officially" endorsed through the Alumni Association to photograph Plebe Summer, and he donated money back to the Plebe class. In 2009, the Alumni Association decided to provide this service, using their own staff.

Thornton Studios is quite unique:

1) We offer a "moneyback" guarantee that we will photograph your son/daughter 50-60 times during the summer. Many parents have found about 150-200 photographs. You will need to search flnd your "Waldo." See Moneyback Guarantee under Q&A.
2) With 50-60 photographs we can provide you a customized, personalized Photo Book of the summer. And you do no work, except find 30-40 photographs. We design the book, send you a proof, and mail the finished book to you, all by Christmas. 
3) A Daily Newsletter with direct links to the photographs posted for the day, as well as the Plebe's daily schedule, as much as we can figure out.

4) And the photographs are professionally taken, with over 37 years experience filming Plebe Summer. We use NIKON equipment and specialized lenses.
5) Larry Thornton's has his own personal ties with the Academy, as his father attended Plebe Summer in 1935. He has honored his father by photographing Plebe Summer for 37 years.

Phone calls: Monday thru Friday 12:00 to 4:00

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